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  Give a framy to your Website              
Keep your customers coming back - Again and Again...    

"It's easier and less expensive to make an existing customer come back than it is to create a new one."
Framy, the first digital frame for the desktop, allows users to enjoy their pictures everyday.

Choose one of our frames and tell us how to customize it!
1. Build e-loyalty and Name Recognition
Framy will surprise your clients and create a positive response to your campaigns and mailings.
Customers are willing to have relationships with a community, a brand or even a company. Framy is the perfect opportunity to mix marketing and personal touch.
2. Bet for authorised and eficient advertising
As your client has the option to download the framy, he will not perceive it as aggressive advertising.
The originality of digital frames makes Framy the most effective way to develop e-loyalty while developing permanent advertising on the desktop of your clients.
3. Increase traffic to your Website
Framy provides, on your logo and on the right click menu, a direct link to your website to increase your web traffic and increase the frequency of your clients' visits.
Framy just keeps your website one click away from your clients, at all times.
4. Increase Exposure
According to a Jupiter/NFO Consumer Survey of 1,200 U.S. online consumers, only 22 percent of respondents indicated that loyalty programs serve as an incentive to purchase online. Online consumers place a higher value on easy returns (40%), customer service (37%), and product selection (37%).

Framy lets you be there at the right place at the right time, directly on the desktop of your prospects and clients.

5. Give a framy to your brand
For its originality and performance, framy is the most competitive alternative and/or complement to the traditional online advertising.

To obtain a price quotation of a custom branded version of framy, including a duplication and distribution license, please contact us at

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